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John Deere was a man of the earth and a craftsman who understood that quality and innovation yield a better product. His self-scouring steel plow, the first of its type, enabled settlers to turn the rich Midwestern soil, opening America for expansion.Click here to see the new John Deere Boots

For more than 160 years, John Deere has been an American icon and a familiar, trusted company with a reputation anchored in reliability, quality workmanship and value. It's only fitting that shoes and boots bearing the John Deere name be as hard working and as skillfully crafted as the farm implements their namesake made.

When customers choose John Deere Boots & Shoes, they know they're buying products they can count on.

John Deere knew from experience that farming and other outdoor occupations were hard work, so he manufactured tools that made the work easier and more functional. The same down-to-earth approach is true of John Deere Boots & Shoes.

Each one is designed for the maximum comfort and long life, just like the plows, shovels and other tools John Deere made. The boots and shoes bearing his name include the resilient, carefully crafted Airflow Comfort System insole. This multi-layer system provides extra support and cushion exactly where you need it most. At the same time, it provides a shock-resistant footbed with the comfort of an athletic shoe and the durability of a boot. You can be sure of the quality when you purchase John Deere Boots.

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